Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tutorial- Raven White

Right as promised a quick guide to the helms of my raven guard. Also applied to shoulder pads and other areas where needed. (I apologise for some of the pictures quality my camera hates small details)

Stage One: Plain Resin Head, washed

Stage Two: Undercoat, black

Stage Three: Basecoat Codex Grey (I would use astronomican but codex gives a nicer shade)

Stage Four: Watered down coat of Skull white, leaving edges and shade areas codex grey

Stage Five: Second coat of watered down white

Stage Six: Third coat of watered down white (nearly there) This coat is almost a glaze just to smooth over the rough areas.

Hope it was useful especially for those others commencing an army of the XIX legion

Rachel Weisz, another of my fantasy ladies