Friday, 27 May 2011

Anatomy of a Raven; Part 1

Right back on track we have the first part of my planned article series on just how i paint my Ravens.

Pictures for the next part will be on plain black as will all future pics (Thanks to
A.D. for the feedback) So here goes.

Stage One: A fully cleaned and undercoated space marine (arms are blue tacked on)

Stage Two: Removal of arms and a quick touch up on the under coat with a brush

Stage Three: The whole model receives a base coat of 'Deathwatch Black' again for those who've not kept up this is just a 50:50 mix of 'Codex Grey' and 'Chaos Black'

Stage Four: Metallic details are picked out in two thinned down layers of chain mail

Stage Five: 'Skull White' is painted on to the chest details

Stage Six: 'Merchite Red' is added to the eyes and shoulder rim, Metallic and White areas are washed with 'Badab Black' and and slips are painted over

Stage Seven: Several thin layers of white are added to the top of the jumppack for this squads markins

Stage Eight: The right shoulder pad has its freehand detail added, and the model is glued together, ready for 'hard edging'

We'll leave it there for now, I'll up load the next part soon, then we'll have a lovely tutorial on free handing a Raven symbol.

Before I go I have an update especially for Gmort. I've reworked the sniper bolter of my shadow captain, here is the new result.

Comment, cri.... oh you know the drill

Questions and comments today are read by a lovely young lady called Raven


  1. The sniper rifle is much better than the scout one you used before.

    As for pictures, I've found that your better off with a white background. Also your pictures could do with being a bit closer to the model as their a bit lost in the middle currently.

  2. ty, shall take all comments un advisement when i do part 2 later tonight :D

  3. The Wizard has always Found Ravens
    To be Beautiful Creatures And Very Smart!
    Though I am Truly Amazed on this Rare Day,
    For this Lovely Lady Raven has Stolen my Heart.

    The Wandering Wizard was Instantly Enchanted,
    And I Knew that there was No Escape for me.
    Raven’s Beauty cast such a Powerful Spell,
    I was Helpless even possessing my Grand Wizardry!

    XOXOXO ;-)

    Keep Rockin, ZZ (The Wandering One)