Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cloth - Help

Right I have typed up part 2 of 3 of my "Anatomy of a Raven" post series and it will be up in the next few days.

However I have recieved a request for a tutorial on cloth, specifically and conveniently for me standard plain linen style cloth for a banner, which is exactly the sort of thing the robes my Dark Angels Deathwatch character is wearing.

There are many ways to paint fabric, the easiest for what we're trying to do is
1) Basecoat "Skull White"

2) Wash "Devlan Mud"

3) Drybrush *Bleached Bone"

4) Drybrush "Skull White"

This is not the method I'll be using, the basics are the same but there's a little more to it.

Paints you'll need;
Skull White
Devlan Mud
Graveyard Earth
Kommando Khaki
Bleached Bone

Stage 1) Basecoat "Skull White"

Stage 2) Wash "Devlan Mud" (Heavy wash, you want it in all the cracks in robs like

Stage 3) Paint "Graveyard Earth" leaving the "Devlan" shading.
this and the top wrinkles of a banner)

Stage 4) Highlight "Kommando Khaki" along prominent edges leaving the darker colours in the recesses

Stage 5) Highligh "Bleached Bone" along extreme edges, with a light dry brush over flat areas, ensuring its slightly over watered down to prevent chalky effect

Stage 6) Drybrush (and I mean DRY) "Skull White" over the entire robe, and edge highlight extreme corners and points with watered down "Skull White"

Thats the basic cloth done.

There will be more of my Deathwatch creations soon, once the anatomy course is over.

Any further information just comment, Todays comment secretary; Miss Vanessa Hudgens (AKA Blondie)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Anatomy of a Raven; Part 1

Right back on track we have the first part of my planned article series on just how i paint my Ravens.

Pictures for the next part will be on plain black as will all future pics (Thanks to
A.D. for the feedback) So here goes.

Stage One: A fully cleaned and undercoated space marine (arms are blue tacked on)

Stage Two: Removal of arms and a quick touch up on the under coat with a brush

Stage Three: The whole model receives a base coat of 'Deathwatch Black' again for those who've not kept up this is just a 50:50 mix of 'Codex Grey' and 'Chaos Black'

Stage Four: Metallic details are picked out in two thinned down layers of chain mail

Stage Five: 'Skull White' is painted on to the chest details

Stage Six: 'Merchite Red' is added to the eyes and shoulder rim, Metallic and White areas are washed with 'Badab Black' and and slips are painted over

Stage Seven: Several thin layers of white are added to the top of the jumppack for this squads markins

Stage Eight: The right shoulder pad has its freehand detail added, and the model is glued together, ready for 'hard edging'

We'll leave it there for now, I'll up load the next part soon, then we'll have a lovely tutorial on free handing a Raven symbol.

Before I go I have an update especially for Gmort. I've reworked the sniper bolter of my shadow captain, here is the new result.

Comment, cri.... oh you know the drill

Questions and comments today are read by a lovely young lady called Raven

Thursday, 26 May 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Right Ravens still plodding along, hoping to finish 2nd Squad today for some pics tomorrow. however as a distraction I have started a related distraction.


I should explain. Some people reading this will know, I have a tiny obsession with certain Legions of Astartes. Namely these are Ravenguard, Dark Angels and Night lords. So some time ago i began a preheresy night lord army, its taken a back seat for now due to Ravens but I still go back to it for a break every once in a while.

"Wait!" I hear you ask, "You said you were explaining". I am calm down.

Due to a love of these legion I'm organising an apocolypse game of the Drop site massacre of Istvaan 5 (I think, sure some one will correct me). Between my self and others we have most legions covered, however our one Salamanders player has moved away and the other thrown his out. Leaving a gap.

This combined with a challenge with a friend of mine to produce a 1500pt army using just £20 and ours bitz box has lead to me painting green.

Heres the test model.

I'm hoping to get some picture of all the involved armies, (not all are finished but still look good) I'll hopefully get a little series going as we build up the whole thing too. :)

Comments and Crits welcome, esp on the green (i know he needs more detail its a tester get off my back) todays admin beauty is Penelope Cruz


Update... I know its been a while.

Right due to an insane amount of uni work and my return from Wales (the Mexico of the UK) to Birmingham, my update schedule has gone aray. However i have been steadily painting.

Most Noteably (though I'll post better pics when the squad are wholely done)the jump pack markings for squad 2 so I can identify them in battle.

The librarian list has done well in Mexico, better than Dante list so soon there should be some lovely full picture battle reports with decent opponent in Birmingham for all to enjoy, hopefully on Sunday.

But for now I'll leave you in the capable hands of Morena Baccarin

Though I will post again later on a different topic .


Friday, 13 May 2011

Final List?

OK my list for GT has been playing on my mind. Having added the librarian and played a few games (under pointed) I'm very happy with him, so with him being a pretty permanant addition its time to balance out the points.

I opted to stick to GMorts maximum melta weapons as the mass assault marines are more than capable of handling hoardes. With this in mind I also decided I'd rather expand what I have and know how to use in the list.
Without further gilding the lilly here goes;

1750 Pts - Blood Angels Roster - 'Counts-As' Raven Guard 8th Company.

HQ: Librarian (1#, 125pts)
Librarian (Jump pack)
Blood lance, Smite

: Honour Guard (5#, 265 pts)
1 Honour Guard @ 265 pts (Chapter Banner; Equip with Jump Packs; Honour Guard; Honour Guard)
1 Sanguinary Novitiate (Jump Pack)
3 Honour Guard (Jump Pack; Flamer x1; Meltagun x1)
1 Honour Guard (Jump Pack)

Elite: Sanguinary Priest (2#, 180 pts)
2 Sanguinary Priest @ 180 pts (Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour)
2 Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour (Jump Pack; Lightning Claw)

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 235 pts)
7 Assault Squad @ 235 pts (Meltagun; Meltagun)
2 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Power Fist x1)

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 235 pts)
7 Assault Squad @ 235 pts (Meltagun; Meltagun)
2 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Power Fist x1)

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 235 pts)
7 Assault Squad @ 235 pts (Meltagun; Meltagun)
2 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Power Fist x1)

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 225 pts)
7 Assault Squad @ 240 pts (Meltagun)
2 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant (Power Weapon x1)

Troops: Assault Squad (5#, 125 pts)
3 Assault Squad @ 125 pts (Meltagun)
1 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant ( Infernus Pistol x1)

Troops: Assault Squad (5#, 125 pts)
3 Assault Squad @ 125 pts (Meltagun)
1 Assault Marine with Meltagun
1 Sergeant ( Infernus Pistol x1)

Total Roster Cost: 1750

This is the list in all its unpainted glory, I'm slogging through though.

This pic is of the scout contingent, I currently own. Hopefully This will be company size some day. Not too much to say about them but people complain if there aren't pretty things to look at.

As usual comments, feedback and questions on painting (maybe lists if its marines :P) very welcome. Todays comment secretary, is the lovely Kate Beckinsale.


P.s. I'm at a wedding this weekend, so no updates, should be back Monday so the schedule will be back then.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

An Idea

So Messing about with my bitz box and needing some models to be "Shadow captains", I tried to think of not just Raven Guardy ideas (gothic guys with jump packs and claws) but also other aspects of how they go about war. They specialise in Hit and Run, Guerilla warfare, and stealth. So I though of...

This led to the creation of Shadow captian (or maybe, vindicare assassin) Viraae

The usual feedback welcome, hope to show him painted soon.


"This Week I Have Been Mostly Painting... Banners"

(That's a Cracking reference if I say so myself)

Ok sticking to my schedule, here is my Wednesday; "stuff I've painted update". As the title should tell you, banners have been my focus.

My 8th company banner has been mostly done for a while, its based on the 'Eavy Metal teams Raven Guard banner in war hammer world

OK so its pretty easy to tell which is mine but I'm pretty proud of it still.

This week I have started work on my tenth company banner. Less free hand has gone in to it atm, mainly transfers that I'm going to paint over, but its still looking good IMO.

Stage One: Undercoat

Stage Two: Codex Grey, on the center of the banner

Stage Three: Watered down Skull White

Stage Four: Watered Down Skull White

Stage Five: Extreme highlights, Skull White and edges tidied up with "Deathwatch Black", a paint of my own mix (1:1 chaos black and codex grey)

Stages after... transfers

And finally a preview of the on going scout work, that will probably be next weeks post.

Scout pics, taken in front of a plasma, on a can. I would like some feedback as to if people prefer this plain background to areas of my room/ body for pics, where possible.

As always comments and crits are welcome, this week they are being read by miss Monica Bellucci.