Monday, 27 February 2012

Doubles: Price Tag

So before I start the battle report posts and my overview I thought I'd take a look at what doubles cost my self and A.D. So here goes:

New Army - £205 - In our gaming circle taking a new army to a tournament is just par for the course, for doubles we only need half and army as A.D. took my ravens. But Guard aren't cheap.

Ticket - £90 - Well we wouldn't have got far without one. While pricey this does include 3 meals (so call that 15 each knocked off your bugmans bill), all your bits of paper and wrist band. People talk a lot about how workshop tourneys are over priced and maybe they are but the atmosphere, the smooth running and all the other facilities at your disposal over the weekend is pretty awesome.

Train Ticket - £34 - While we got a lift home this was a single trip for us both

Hotel Room - £147 (and £50 deposit, I've still not got back) - We as a group use the holiday inn near WHW for convenience and because its been good before, (this time it was not, more on that in the full over view)

Case - £57 - This wasn't essential but I wanted to have a case that fit my heavy weapons in so thanks to KR cases, as mine was ace and fit all my bitz and pieces in too.

Total - £523 this is our basic spending before we even got to the venue, add over £200 on black library product for us and friends, beer (there was a lot), a meal on Friday (Fat Bloke burger FTW), Warhammer 25th anniversary products and finally team t-shirts and you're looking well over a grand between us.

Question would "Team Drunk and Sexy" do it again?...

Hell Yes we would!

So to conclude, grab a mate and a grand and you too can go to doubles.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Doubled, Done and Dusted.

So doubles is over, the models are packed away and I sit at home tired but happy. I'll do a full overview of the event and my games over the next few weeks as I collate pics and a little info.

For now I'll leave you with some pictures of the best army and objective marker nominees.

Congratulations to Sam Green another best army award. These two forces were utterly stunning

A simple idea but these were my favourite objectives

Sorry about this one, there are going to be a few pics over the weekend that are blurry Igot knocked alot!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Guard Points- Under For 6 Months...

So I totalled up my guard list and found my self at 815 points, this makes me 60 points under, which is a fair amount in a normal army but tons in a small guard force.

HQ - Command Squad (50) + Regimental Standard (15) + Vox (5) - 70

Troops - Platoon Command (30) + Vox (5) + Autocannon (10) - 45

Infantry Squad (50) + Vox (5) + Lascannon (20)  - 75

Infantry Squad (50) + Vox (5) + Lascannon (20) + Commissar (35) - 110

Heavy Weapon Squad (60) + 3 x Autocannon (15) - 75

Troops - Platoon Command (30) + Vox (5) + Autocannon (10) - 45

Infantry Squad (50) + Vox (5) + Lascannon (20)  - 75

Infantry Squad (50) + Vox (5) + Lascannon (20) + Commissar (35) - 110

Heavy Weapon Squad (60) + 3 x Autocannon (15) - 75

Heavy Support - Medusa - 135

This is how the list stands, the easy fix is to just add some power weapons to the commands an commissars, I may have a look and see if I can add anything before the weekend.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 5

So today has been spent doing little touch ups here and there and making objective markers (see below), I'm finding it harder and harder to sit and paint the details, I'd love a day to spend per two or three models, but alas not to be.

On the tourney front my case arrived from KR bags and its really good, i've sorted my foam out so in the one bag i can take both sides of the army, my objective markers and still have enough room so that it's the only bag I'm taking to Doubles (hopefully a post on that subject Sunday if I get some college work done.)

Right on to objective markers, and I'll see you on the other side.

So this fist one was my first attempt, the guardsman is an old on of A,D,s so hopefully will look good with some new paint and the banner with have the Raven guard symbol on it. pretty simple but with some razro wire and snow i think it'll look pretty wicked.

This is the one I'm least happy with the idea was a guard commando wounded on the battle field again with a raven banner, to spice this one up i might add one of my signature (apparently) raven model to it

Again simple but effective I think, I'm thinking of adding a RG helmet to this one but the "spare" banners in the IG boxes are so useful

So thats guard fest week, I will be posting some more updates next week just at less regular intervals and real life kicks up again, but we're about 70% there so all is looking well.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 4

So today I've done some touch up and worked on the medusa (well converted basilisk)

Not too much more to say on the painting today has been a day of organising, buying train tickets, sorting hotel rooms but mostly gathering material for the 5 40mm objective markers we need for the tourney (next weeks project)

My idea was a guard or space marine casualty with some building rubble, razor wire and a Raven (from my large collection of najal storm caller bitz). However workshop no longer sell raxor wire or the IG casualties so I've had to change my mind, they'll be similar with with maybe spare banners or something guard based thats not a casualty.

Guard Fest - Day 3

So day 3 and we've begun batch painting, so the less sexy looking guard (ie those with no forge world parts) look a little rough around the edges but I'm hoping to havbe time next week to sort that out with a few touch ups and a little wash.

We're 30 down and some bases on the others, one of the heavy weapons teams (centre top of the pic) needs changing as it was a gift from A.D. but there are parts missing and we need a crisper one to fit in I think, though it will be kept just incase.

Today's two squads

Mondays environment suits.

So back to the grind stone, the case for the guard has been ordered today and has got me thinking, just howe much money a tourney costs... So there may be a post about that soon, probably from the venue if my tablet can get wifi.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 2

Not much to report today, fairly simple just getting all the guard base coated and washed.

A process made much easier by the citadel sparey gun. I've also decided on a little challange for my self.
A.D. and I are travelling to nottingham a day early so i intend to buy my forgeworld commissars on that friday snd paint them ready for the saturday. there are two reasons for this 1) I love a speed painting challeng and 2) it's become a tradition that i be painting the night before a tourney.

more tomorrow where the basic 40 should have some detail done I hope.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 1

 So this week sees me free of college, work and any other commitments and only a fortnight away from doubles with little to know work done on my guard.
The plan therefore is to finish all 750 points this week to a gaming standard then next week do my objective markers and a few fancy touches.

So on today. I had all the guard built and 90% sprayed but I A.D. has recently given me some of the "Cadian Hostile Environment" torsos, so with a little conversion I changed one squad of ten (and heavy weapons base) to have the torsos. It has led to me wanting the whoel force with them but time is of the essence.

The colour scheme is pretty basic,

1) Spray "Chaos Black"
2)Base coat "Adeptus Battle Grey"
3) Wash "Badab Black"
4) Drybrush the fatigues "Codex Grey"
5) Drybrush the fatigues "Fortress Grey"
6)Paint "Ice Blue" on to the tubing, "Tallarn Flesh" on to the hands and "Merchite Red" on to the lenses.
7)High lights and touch ups as needed

More tomorrow when day two is over