Thursday, 26 May 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Right Ravens still plodding along, hoping to finish 2nd Squad today for some pics tomorrow. however as a distraction I have started a related distraction.


I should explain. Some people reading this will know, I have a tiny obsession with certain Legions of Astartes. Namely these are Ravenguard, Dark Angels and Night lords. So some time ago i began a preheresy night lord army, its taken a back seat for now due to Ravens but I still go back to it for a break every once in a while.

"Wait!" I hear you ask, "You said you were explaining". I am calm down.

Due to a love of these legion I'm organising an apocolypse game of the Drop site massacre of Istvaan 5 (I think, sure some one will correct me). Between my self and others we have most legions covered, however our one Salamanders player has moved away and the other thrown his out. Leaving a gap.

This combined with a challenge with a friend of mine to produce a 1500pt army using just £20 and ours bitz box has lead to me painting green.

Heres the test model.

I'm hoping to get some picture of all the involved armies, (not all are finished but still look good) I'll hopefully get a little series going as we build up the whole thing too. :)

Comments and Crits welcome, esp on the green (i know he needs more detail its a tester get off my back) todays admin beauty is Penelope Cruz



  1. Have we decided whether I'm going to have to 'Count-As' Alpha Legion for this battle or not?

    Oh, and Penelope Cruz has a big nose which always puts me off her slightly...

  2. Finally, no updates then 2 in a row, who the hell do you think you are?!?! Jesus???

  3. On topic your salamander looks pretty good.

    Can we have plain/black backgrounds from now on?