Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Painting Progress 1

Right as promised some pictures of the Ravens i have done, i'll do a white tutorial for faces and helmets v soon. Hope you like.

The first model i did, Squad 4's Sgt

8th company Squad one


Sanguinary Priest

better view of free hand chapter symbol

Next time, a guide to my white and hopefully a fully finshed librarian to accompany it.

Until then an idea stolen from GMort... a sexy lady

Miss Eva Green (how I love her)


  1. Some nice models there.

    I'd make the pictures a bit larger next time though as when you start to get more people viewing the blog a lot wont bother to click on the pictures to make them bigger. You need to 'grab' peoples attention straight away ;-)

  2. ok shall do, glad you approve. just need to get into the habit of updating now :p

  3. I can see what you tried :P

    Honestly, all looks good!