Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Raven Gaurd List Help

At the request of a friend from my local GW I've written a Ravens list using codex space marines and Imperial armour 8.
The list is, fluffy with areas of optimisation, its ,my preferred list style as many will know and I know there are holes that the player will need to learn how to fill, but he goes:

Raven Guard - 1750

Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195

Captian Korvydae - 155

Scout Squad (10 men) + Sniper Rifles + Sergeant Telion - 205

Assault Squad (10 men) + Flamer x 2 + Power Fist - 235

Assault Squad (10 men) + Flamer x 2 + Power Fist - 235

Assault Squad (10 men) + Flamer + Power sword - 225

Vanguard Squad (5 men) + 10 x lightning claws + 5 x Jump pack - 310 (Shrikes wing)

Landspeeder + Multimelta + Heavy Flamer X2 - 140

Landspeeder + Multimelta - 60


Korvydae needs the scout squad, plus they can hold an objective, assault squads will live one with Shrike and the one without a power fist with Korvydae.
Landspeeders are your anti tank power or anti hoard if need be.
I'd let the vanguard use heroic intervention but here's an alternate "Shrikes Wing"

Command Squad + 8 x Lightning Claw + Apothecary + Droppod + Locator Beacon - 280

this gives you the points to fill in the assault squads, you can also replace Korvydae with a Chaplin but then the list needs to MEGA change as you over use the fast attack slots like me and pointless similes

Hope it helps, feels free to email me/ get a second opinion


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