Wednesday, 11 May 2011

An Idea

So Messing about with my bitz box and needing some models to be "Shadow captains", I tried to think of not just Raven Guardy ideas (gothic guys with jump packs and claws) but also other aspects of how they go about war. They specialise in Hit and Run, Guerilla warfare, and stealth. So I though of...

This led to the creation of Shadow captian (or maybe, vindicare assassin) Viraae

The usual feedback welcome, hope to show him painted soon.



  1. The Sniper rifle looks to similar to the Scout one (because that's what it is I suppose). I think you need to beef it up a bit if he's going to be a full Marine who uses a sniper weapon. Something more like the one described in the Deathwatch story in 'Victories of the Space Marines'.

  2. yeah he was inspired by victories, I loved that story. I'll look at it, am working on a beefy scope atm.

  3. @ Citizenwillams - I just imagine a Bolt Sniper Rifle to be pretty beefy, lol. A bit more on a Barrett .50 sort of scale.

    Are we going to need to write his own rules for Apocalypse games?

  4. I think we are. I was thinking, captain stats with Vindicare rules for an acceptable points cost (which i realise will be high)

    Though willing to take him as a tellion or something

  5. that coke can looks nice...
    Looks really nice, what is the cloack from?