Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Squad Markings; A Problem Solved

(Depressingly the only demotivational I could find even linked to painting, well maybe not too depressed aye)

As many know, I like fluff and I like free hand, so when it comes to armies, especially marine armies, squad markings (and extraneous text) are a must. However in recent times, due to my Raven Guards need to mob enemy squads in combat, its taking longer and longer to distringuish were attacks are coming from and who is dead in what squad then I had a good idea.

This is the idea.

Thats right kids, each squads jump packs will have a different squad design for easy and simple identificaton.

Now just another 3 designs to come up with :S


  1. Looks cool.

    I'd have just put a squad number on the top myself but your idea definitely looks more distinctive.

  2. Yeah looks good, nice markings :D