Monday, 2 May 2011

Autumn GT

Greetings, and welcome to my new blog.

While not new to blogging I am new to the world of wargames blogging, so please be kind.

This blog will mainly focus round painting, and the techniques i discover and use on my new army for this years Autumn throne of skulls.

I would call my self an ok painter but improving. This improvement has mainly been over the last year, so i decided to pick a challenge for gt. Due to my love of all things Gothic I opted for the Raven guard legion.

Many think raven guard are a cop out minimum painting army which is true, they CAN be, i hope to avoid this. So my ravens are an off black with edge high lights areas of white and mostly (wish i could say all) detail done in free hand.

Very soon i will post my list and the changes its gone through in the 3 months i've been playing the list now, from a humble battle force style Shrike list to a blood angels codex proxy 8th company force to be reconed with.

Thanks for sticking with me i will hopefully have more to say next time.


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