Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ToS - Game Two Retrospective.

Army: Eldar

Player: Sam (still don't know his name)

Setup: Spearhead

Mission: Annihilation.

"So the guy seemed nice enough and the army looked good but a few turns of bumbling and 'forgetting' rules, then a game that went on for 8 and a half turns.

His squads and mine dealt blow for blow yet his wave serpents kept out of reach and any one I did hit seemed impervious to all pain. Overall it was an OK game nothing to bad, but not much fun which is the worst part. Beer made it all better though."

Right this is a much more condensed version of this rewrite than I was going to do. After a lot of discussion with friends who were there and those that know the rules, my opponent cheated A LOT and the large piece of terrain (you'll see in the pictures) being counted as impassable terrain (and killing 27 Ravens).

Being Spearhead my opponent deployed in what you see as top left corner, then moved out as I dropped turn two and proceeded to scratch one wave serpent(yes two turns gone already folks).

The verhicles thinned out i weather a few balde storms and we get stuck into combat.

After a guided doomed blade storm this squad is weak and preparing to recieve a charge.
They get through the combat with one man left who I really need to hold up the farseer.

Leadership at -6 on an 8... passed? Oh I think so.

The last Ravens arrive.

Farseer in combat free me up so much to manouver in turn four/

Fire dragons add their attacks to the combat.

And the Raven survives! (Turn 5)

We begin turn six after a little break (for me to drink as the time each turn was taking and all the rules checking) and no one rolled a dice...

Having hammered each tank with shots every turn they have yet to shoot, and scuttle away. My librarian decides he wants to stop tha from happening. The farseers runes decide they want him to die.

My Ravens then decide to kill the Farseer in revenge (to calrify GMort who took my pics wasn;t around all the time, between the last two pics is a whole turn)

At the start of Turn EIGHT (no joke) we roll a dice and I get more drunk and angry I start to lose Ravens left and right as my opponent mops up the last few Ravens giving him the kill points he was missing. I Go from a 6-4 lead (the terrain giving him 3) to  6-7 down.

In turn 9 (I know....) I try to kill point pinch but my fists and Meltas refuse to pop the tanks and he is out of infantry.

The remaining Ravens Bravely run from a Falcon.

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  1. Still can't believe you played till turn 9

    BTW... Your 'ELDAR' image is offencive lol