Thursday, 24 November 2011

Objective Objects

 So in the rules pack for the doubles under the what to bring section, "Each Army will be required to bring five objective markers with them for the weekend. These should be themed to your Army, based on 40mm (Terminator sized) round bases and no bigger than a standard Terminator. These objectives will be used in the scenarios as described in the pack; there will also be an award for the best on the weekend!"

So this left me with a little bit of a puzzle, I have objective markers already but any additional paiting/ modelling challenges always interest me especially when I have to tie them in to two armues. Here's a look at my current objectives...

So I;m thinking some thing similar for the doubles objectives, but larger bases means more architeciteture and more ravens (I need to buy more Nagals) and a few guard casualties, but I'm not sure of what else, for my 5th one which I'd like to be really impressive.

Not alot of point but hopefully I'll come up with some ideas in Florida.
Next time - No One Tosses a Dwarf.


  1. The ravens are a nice touch, a little 'goes the extra mile' thing. This pleases me.

  2. I am intreeged about
    "Next time - No One Tosses a Dwarf"