Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A.D. The Raven Time

So now the "sexy" element of our team.

A.D.'s half of our list runs as follows

LIbrarian + Jumppack

Assault Squad (10 man) + Power Fist + 2 x Meltagun

Assault Squad (10 man) + Power Fist + 2 x Meltagun

Sanguniary Priest + Jumppack + Lightning Claw

Sanguinary Priest (lives with the guard)

2 x Land Speeder + Multimelta

So A.D.'s section is the hard hitting combat element of the army, charging and counter charging the enemy as they advance on the guard or deep striking down on a bunkered oponent.

In tests so far the Ravens have been a little sacrificial and haven't really shown their mettle (this may also be becuase we were playing GMort.)

Not too much more to say hopefully get some pics of the force up when I'm back.

Next time - Objective Objects


  1. Those Landspeeders are Melta-Flamer now remember (took the infernus pistol and a melta bomb from the original list).

    The Ravens did seem to be mostly buying time/popping transports for the Guard to mess up the guys after.

    I think we'll be set quite well for the pre determined missions too.

  2. indeed have an article on those coming up

    we will need to train a little to see how they work