Monday, 31 October 2011

ToS- Game One Retrospective

Opponent: Mark Stevens

Mission: Seize ground

Deployment: Dawn of war

Marneus Calgar
Tactical Squad (100 + Rhino (free weapons)
Tactical Squad (100 + Rhino (free weapons)
Assault Squad (10) + 2 x Flamer
Thunder Fire Cannon
Assault Bike Multimelta
Sternguard (6) + Razorback
Devistators (5) + 4 x Heavy bolters + Razorback
(I've probably missed something out)

While I stand by my orignal points directly after the game (see below) I'm going to add some pictures and add a few more details to the first two game reports and write up reports for the last three.

"While I went first the nature of the mission and my army means my opponent rolled on to the board. He deployed three of his transports on my left flank and a fortified ruin and a gun line set up on my right.
I dropped all but two of my squads on to the left flank I popped two of the transports and over 5 turns cleansed the left hand side of red scorpions. On the right flank the devastators took an assault marine a turn but the thunder fire cannon was the real star annihilating any squad it shot at.
Calgar was the MVP however, having dropped in template formation his orbital bombardment smashed all 11 models in the squad in what was the moment of the game leaving me dumbfounded.

My opponent overall was a better player than me though my practice over the last few months so hopefully will pay off better next game."

My opponent and I see his list and army for the first time.

The Ravens land, popping transports and bracing for the inevitable backlash.

The Ravens get charged, the remaining squads land.

The Scorpions Assault Squad arrive and we begin what will become the EPIC combat. Just out of shot Calgar kills 11 Ravens with one shot.

The last Raven from squad 3 hides holding the objective which gives me the lead, there are alot of other scorpions out of shot.

The conclusion of the epic combat, 3 Ravens Squads and 3 Scorpions.  This was really where the game was decided and my opponent counter charged and chose his targets to shoot at to perfection. The whole game really was a pleasure.

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