Wednesday, 2 November 2011

ToS - Game Three Retrospective

So my going into my third game I was... how to put it ... less than willing to have a game or do much more than drink. With no offense intended to my opponent when I turned up to my table and the sight of his army did not fill me with confidence. Then my opponent appeared full of pep and ready for a as he put it "chilled out game". A minion from Bugmans then appeared with a beer (I mean 3) and we kicked off.

Army: Chaos Space marines

Daemon Prince + Wings + Mark of Tzeetch

Summoned Greater Daemon

5 Bikers

5 Plague Marines



10 Khorne Bezerkers

(probs more)
The Ravens Dropped opened the Land Raider and offed a few bikers. Unfortunately the dice gods were against me and alot of the force stayed in reserve.
In my opponents turn the Deathguard and daemon prince charged a squad, I killed the Death guard n the hope of combat resolutoning the Prince to Death. The greater daemon (who I have since learned does not have wings) appeared.
The invincible defiler, I rolled 1 or 2 for every penetrating hit.

The Ravens ready to charge the Bezerkers.

TBH I have no idea whats happening here or what turn it is, but it looks like I'm winning odd for a game I lost.
The Prince and Greater Daemon lay waste to squad after squad of Ravens.
My final Hail Mary play, blood lancing the one wound prince and kill it but the greater Daemon proves too powerful, the game ends with my force gone and the defailer on a hill.

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