Sunday, 6 November 2011

ToS Game 5 Retrospective


Mission - Seize Ground, 5 objectives.
Depolyment - Dawn of War

List: (list he had on paper)

Dante 225
Sanguinor 275
5 Saguniary Guard + Banner + Powerfist +  Infernus Pistol + Death Masks 275
5 Saguniary Guard + 4 x Infernus Pistol + Powerfist 265
5 Saguniary Guard + Powerfist + Infernus Pistol 220
5 Saguniary Guard + Powerfist + Infernus Pistol 220
3 Sanguinary Priests + Jumppack + Power Weapon 270

List (as he used it)
Dante    225
Sanguinor    275
5 Saguniary Guard + Banner + Powerfist+  Infernus Pistol + Death Masks    275
5 Saguniary Guard + 4 x Infernus Pistol + Powerfist + Death Masks    290
5 Saguniary Guard + Powerfist +  Infernus Pistol + Death Masks    245
5 Saguniary Guard + Powerfist +  Infernus Pistol + Death Masks    245
3 Sanguinary Priests + Jumppack + Power Weapon + 3 x Infernus Pistol 315

So I approached the table and saw elite Bloog Angels and my heart leapt, I'd trained for this! So we exchange lists and all I have in my head is if i deploy and go first  I can win. Then it comes to passm so I deployn  my units in the terrain near the objectives as my opponent deep strikes his squads as I knew he would. You join the action my turn 3 as I go on the hunt. My command squad target the sanquinor and for every 10 men he deep strikes I counter charge with 20 with furious charge.
The Banner did not last long, Though these two squads with something like 8 melta shots did vaguely worry me, until I remembered this is why i was in cover.

Dante's squad die to mass initative 5 attacks as my command squad dude to their melta guns and extra attacks from the banner drag the sanguinor down kicking and screaming.

As we inter my turn 4 (turn one being nothing as my opponent couldn't drop) I move to take out the last squad.. While my remaining squad including a fresh 10 man unit start to move to the objectives.

The final sang priests put up a valiant effort to contest objectives.

The last blood angel in engaged.

Turn 5 - at the start I hold 5 objectives and there isn't an enemy model left on the board. I felt bad for the guy but did tell him where he went wrong over a victory beer.
So rounding up enjoyable weekend (except one game) and fun was had by all. the more I think on it I should only really have lost game one and the other two losses were more my mental state and playing poorly. Though besides the Eldar player everyone was lovely and had some good hobby chats.
No one in the group placed though we had a few people do well. GMort has full coverage for the group so please pop over and see him if you didn't find your way here from him.

Oh and one last thing, while none of us placed one of the group did leave with a certificate...

So thats all folks.

Coming up will be a book review, deathwatch GMing, and why my doubles partners drives me mad. See you soon.


  1. TOS was fun. You did get a nice certificate Yay.

    But the main reason for this comment is to clear up your coming up section....

    "why my doubles partner drives me mad."

    You mean mad with awesomeness right? :p

  2. of course, its just so hard to play with you when you stand next to me being awesome :P loudly awesome

  3. So...
    It wasnt just Alex "Whats-His-Name" using well over the points limit

  4. lol seems not

    tbh I don't blame him for trying to use any advantage it was like kicking a puppy. I'm not trying to be arrogant, though don;t think I'm succeeding I just knew how to beat his list was one of those things like a bad luck game.