Thursday, 3 November 2011

ToS Game Four Retrospective.

Game 4- Orks.
*A brief interlude* - Wasn't sure where else to put this so I'll put it here. Warhammer world's evening entertainment between the bar (my favourite bar in the world) and the quiz (and for the new doubles films) is really good and great for a chilled out night. Right interlude over.

So after a chilled out night I was ready to go for two fun games having lost my first three. I disocvered I was playing Anthony, a fellow from our group who I don't know to well but I knew it would at least be relaxed. After deployment, the Bugmans man came round and I started Sunday as I ended Saturday drinking.

Mission - Annihilation, Deployment - Pitched Battle.
Result - Win.

I'll have to refer you to Gmorts write up of the list as I have no idea with Orks but I know I wrote it all down for him. (there was at least 50 boyz tho!)

Deployment, thats right my Ravens deployed!

I advance to 19" away from the Ork line, n the hope anthony take the bait.

Ok to explain. I sent 20 Ravens on the right flank and 20 down the center with the two suicide squads and the command squad deep striking.
He fell for the trap and the Ravens charge home after weathering the Ork fire, he was so unlucky with rolls to wound too.

My left flank, the Ravens do less well here but the suicide squads pop the battle wagon anf shut down the Deff Dred.

Point of note 1) center of the pic the lone raven is the only survivor of the command squad. He is EPIC!
Point of note 2) the Sgt of sucide squad 2 is the last member standing. He too is EPIC!

Command squad member flames 30 orks then charges killing 17 total before falling.

Right flank: the trukk dies, the deff coptas follow

The boyz av ad it!

Deff dread and 20ish boys... I do not come out of this well.

Da boyz charge da squad!

Da boyz kill free!

Uber Sgt hacks at the squad and survives 11 wounds and wins combat.

And again
all in all he survies 7 rounds of combt and slowly combat res's the squad to death then moves on to infernus pistol a deff dred.

The game pretty much finished with Anthony's tanks all as boxes and the Ravens trying to mop up KPs.

This was my most fun game bar game 3 and really taxing. I throughly enjoyed and intend to play him again.

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