Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Painting and Planning

So another busy week, full of hardcore death watching and painting, so I thought I'd let you all see what I've been up to this week before I start my "Doubles 2012" buildup tomorrow.

So a day in my FLGS and the manager and I are bored with many hours to go until the shop closes so we stumble on a challenge one single minature in the 5 hours until the storw closes. This was my effort after a mutual friend choose the model we'd paint. I will attempt to get a picture of Brendon's effort too.

Another single model, this time thats sat in my bitz box since his release but has found a new lease of life as I#m hoping to enter him in a painting competition run by my other FLGS (yes I go to two).

The first model for my ToS october list.... here we go again

Finally, the stat of my necron army. While not 40k i am painting sveral plastic darleks for my 11 year old sister who didn't realise her new toys were model kits.

So see you here tomorrow for the final doubles list of team "Drunk and Sexy".


  1. Looking good. I need to pick up my brushes again properly but Arkham City is so good it's nicking all my time. I take it the painting comps at Walsall.

  2. I can definately see what you tried... :p

    Ya'know being a heretic and defiling an aquila and all...