Thursday, 29 March 2012


So tournaments, I'm not by nature a competitive gamer, painting and fluff are why I enjoy the hobby but I do enjoy playing, usually win or lose as long as the guy (or gal from time to time) isn't an utter dick; however all too often they are. My first ever tournament was a small one at games day where I played pink necrons that somewhat abused the “no three wound models” rule in place and my sisters took a beating. This turned me off to competitive gaming for a fair few years.
I first went to ToS (throne of skulls) as a visitor with a load of friends and had a great weekend chilling out fetching beers and going into Nottingham. The next time I figured I’d go along to play. While I didn’t hate the experience I had 2 good games out of 5 with 2 guys being dicks and 1 taking a list I could beat in my sleep despite his extra points (there’s a whole series of articles in the sidebar if you’re interested.)
So when we all planned on going to ToS again a year later I was up for the project and the trip but the tournament idea left me feeling cold.

The idea behind doubles was as my birthday treat, in that I didn’t care about the tourney but a week end away was just the ticket.
So after a trip to Florida…

A.D. and I were set on going I got the ticket booked the hotel and we had the list sorted. 3 days before the tourney I found out I was under pointed (there’s an article on that too) so we decided to head to WHW (war hammer world) on the Friday to pick up a few models and do some last minute painting. Even that day with no gaming was great, and we went to bed ready to go.

Side note – the hotel
for nearly £300 pounds for 2 nights I don’t expect the world but I do want a room that’s not 1000 degrees and has the number of beds I ask for in it. So A.D. and I spent a less than comfortable night in a double bed sweating like a fat man in a sauna.
We rolled up the next day tired but still ready and got to grips with the mission cards. At doubles extra cards are used for secondary objectives (e.g. kill a monstrous creature in close combat) these are totalled and added to the team’s final score. Most were reasonable but a lot were either too specific or way too hard, on the plus side you didn’t HAVE to complete them.
As I said in the reports everyone we played was really cool and even in quiet moments having a friend with you is just nice, so loo breaks don’t slow the game and you always have someone to sit with at lunch.

Conclusion – Doubles rocks, we’re heading to the September round for definite.

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