Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Red Sun Rises

So it's been one of those annoying weeks where life has gotten in the way of hobby, so theres no BFK today instead I thought I'd give out some information about the new campaign we're running down at my FLGS.

The basics of the campaign are pretty simple. We've taken the city of Malifaux divided it up into 18 regions, players who want to take part in the campaign then just play games as normal but can submit their result to a cxertain region. At the end of each week we will total these results we'll total up the wins and losses and see which faction hold the region that week.
Our stunning map courtesy of Mr Martin Jennens at Titan Games

Once the first few weeks are out the way we'll be including special events in the campagin, if a guild area is lost you may find your self up against Lucius and a whole hell of a lot of guards, victory may look slim but rewards will be great if your faction can hold the area.

Every five weeks we'll also be running a big weekend event, to tie in with new releases but also to give players a taste of tournament play and get a chance to register more games.

The games them selves will be standard games of Malifaux at any SS cost but both player must use a different facton to register for a campaign game. Dual faction gangs can register for Ten Thunders or their other faction (maybe they're not as loyal as Misaki thinks.

Campaign Face book group

I hope to see load of people down to play and I'll keep things updated here and on the Facebook page as well.

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