Saturday, 19 January 2013

Malifaux On A Budget: Utility Models II

In the last one of these we covered Neverborn and Ressurectionist, however I feel the other factions need some love too. I am not doing an outcast section in this post, nor do I intend to do one as the current range stands. The outcasts masters hiring pools are either too open (Viktoria, Von Schill) or too closed (Hamlin, the Gremlins, Leviticus). However I will devote an article to a budget build for the Outcast masters that need more models added to their box. 

We begin with an Arcanist choice.
Renegade Steamfitter Johan 
Price:  £5.45
SS Cost:6
Masters: Ramos, Mei Feng, Colette

The more astute amongst you may notice Johan is an Outcast model, however he actually works better with the Arcanists. While and ex-steamfitter, Johan still works great with his old colleagues, receiving +2 cb when within 3" of an M&SU member and flurry, so he makes a great body guard for weaker masters. To add to this body guard ability Johan has slow to die and hard to kill, meaning he'll be in the fight longer than most.
The downside to Johan would be his extra SS cost for being a mercenary, but he costs one less SS when hired by a M&SU master (Colette can hire him for 5SS due to her union labour ability).

Union Miners 
Price:  £12.75
SS Cost:4
Masters: Ramos, Mei Feng, Colette, Kaeris
Union miners are an often over looked unit, they are cheap and suprisingly good in combat, with a positive flip to hit when within 3" of another miner, and can give their damage flips a double positive.
They are also very manouverable by burying them selves they can teleport to a friendly miner or M&SU member on the board. N.B. for those players fed up for being riposted their weapons ignore DF triggers.

Guild Hounds (2 pack) 

Price:  £9.00
SS Cost:3
Masters: Lucius, Lady Justice, Lucas Macabe

I'm a big fan of these guys. Very cheap for a lot of their stats and able to get rid of pesky corpse counters, but their real strength lies in pairs. When activated in pairs the hounds gain an additional walk action allowing them to move up to 18" a turn. Taking them in pairs also gives you a Soulstone for your pool.

Guild Riflemen (3 pack) 

Price:  £9.00
SS Cost:3
Masters: Lucius, Lady Justice, Lucas Macabe, Sonia Criid.

Riflemen add some much needed ranged firepower to guild gangs that lack it. With a trick shots (two birds) that aid in hitting masters like Pandora and Collodi, their very handy. They also have an ability unique in Malfaux, they can be given a charge reaction. When activated as a pair or more they are able to fire at opponents models charging a friendly rifleman. N.B. Both Riflemen and hounds are "guardsman" models and work great with Lucius.


Price:  £9.00
SS Cost:7
Masters: Lady Justice, Hoffman, Ramos

Another unit that makes a great body guard. Able to give a friendly model armour, or take wounds for them and also not bad at dishing out damage (especially as it hits even when it misses). The downside is just how much the guardian relies on armours, its own defence being very low, but if things ever look to bleak it can always make a healing flip.

I hope you guys are finding these useful. Comments and Crits to the usual places.

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