Sunday, 9 October 2011

Quoth The Raven: 5 Days To Go

So 5 days until ToS and I'm still painting. I have the day off tomorrow but thats it for painting time before friday night when I hit Nottingham.

This pic shows where the Salamanders are at, for the moment they are on hold as I am so late.

Here are the Ravens, 25 still to paint, 3 objective markers and LOADS of edge highlights to do probably on Friday night,

One plus point of being late is I have a weird state of clarity where by I realised I hadn't made enough objective markers, rectified now, and also I had no way of showing when my squads enter the "red thrist" so using an idea I stole from a friend.

These are just bases with tranfers on but will serve as a marker and were cheap and easy in my panic

Also I'm still working on the army list, the typing is now all done and the skullt have been weather (many thanks to FatLad) tomorrow I'm printing off the adjusted full version on nicer paper ready to look fancy.

Well thats it, update soon with how the week ends, for now back to painting.


  1. I'm 90% done. i was at 96% before deciding i don't like my librarian and building a new one who needs to be done at some point this week

  2. would swap you in a heart beat :P

  3. Should really start on my own preparations,

    1) Charge Camera.....

    Okay, I'm done, lol.

  4. @ GMort... you're not as funny as you think.

    at all :P