Wednesday, 26 October 2011

In The Mean Time

Right, ToS coverage continues on GMorts Blog (see side bar) and I will do a bit of a blow by blow of my own once I have the pictures from him but until then an update.

Currently I'm finishing off the Salamanders, who now have a home. Pics will be up when my camera wants to work, liking how they are and will be sad to see them go. I'm also working on 750pts of Imperial guard, my section of a doubles army. I'm really enjoying the project and guard are a nice break from marines. My only other current project is my dreadfleet. I've built it all now and had a few games, with one ship also nearly being painted. The detail is nice on the minis but so fiddly to paint.

Plans for the future are,

1) Finish sallies
2) Complete guard
3) Finish Dreadfleet
4) Strip "Soul Drinkers company"
5) Paint company Raven guard
6) Start Corax!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera and I will be having words. Hopefully have some pics of Soul drinkers for memories up by the weekend and I will grab the pics of GMort by then.

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  1. I've e-mailed you the pictures. Be warned there's a lot of them ;-)