Monday, 3 October 2011

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

This picture seemed to sum up the title.

 Hey, after a busy September mostly filled with work I was left with the option to either paint or write about painting. I chose to paint and still got v little done.

This month I am in full 40k mode, with a new army on the go (previews coming) a commission army and my Raven Guard both to finish (two week until Autumn Throne of Skulls for the UK). Despite this I will be posting this month especially the next two weeks as I paint like a fiend and still try to do death watch, college and any work.

Point one - my new project is.... Drum roll

That's right Guard. I'm going for an infantry "Siege" list lots of artillery and to add some fluff my commissars will use Black Templar models. Pics to follow.

Point two - my paint station.

Ravens are the weekends issue. For now Here is the Sallies progress as of 11am and the guard I have built.

The Templar is my test for the scheme and also my test for the few weathering powders I've bought.

Almost forgot, I'm also working on a leather bound army list decorated with skulls and feathers, Raven Guard Style for ToS.


That's it hopefully some more pics in the next few days. 

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