Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So another busy day of readying Salamanders, with only a single dreadnought to finish.
However a break from what will be a week of updates on painting (well the small amount I can do after work each night.)

So today we're going to assess my latest purchase... Pirate style. Yar!!

 So me hearties, the box is a fine sturdy design perfect for holdling all ye booty, and tiny plastic ships into the bargain.

 The molding be crisp and detailed, with the finest parts bein' the isles and wrecks. Some of the finest my one eyes has ever seen har har!

 Unlike the other GW games and uncharted seas (yar I know workshop may have plundered some ideas there) the board for ye grand adventures be included and a fine piece of craft it is. storable and with a really nice finish to the mat.

 The cards are a little fiddly but no more so that thos eye be getting with Horus Heresy ( a revew of that will be coming soon!)

 The rules book is a vast tome of not just rules but fluff and artwork. The book seems pretty durable but shouldn't take too much damage in the mighty chest.

 Overall I give the product 9/10, I;ve only briefly seen it played and want to get mine painted up after GT before I play it my self so watch this space for piratey adventures.

 In other news I also continued the cover for my army list. Hopefully I'll get to the content tomorrow.

Right back to painting. Talk soon


  1. I know you do.

    I'll have to live with my slight dip in your esteem :P

    Hopefully the heresy stuff soon will apease you