Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Update and a Tour

Right I'm not dead, and will endeour to post more reular updates this week, but for now a short tour round my paint station so you can see how my hobby time has been spent. 

Some scorpions I'm panting up as a commission.
Loads of work still needed.

My furioso and landspeeder being added to the Ravens as I'm looking at going to a narrative campaign weekend and I need to bump the list to 2.5K so there will be possible lists going up this week as I plan out that event. I need a 1K list a 1.5K list and a 2.5K list from the same 2.5K sounds fun.

Some WHFB models and Hector Rex, baiscally distractions for when I need them.

A Jar.

Well a jar of 5 CSM soaking in dettol to be cleaned up for ebay.

Kill Team Epsillon, I'm modelling the whole kill team as a games day diorama. The kill team will be on a wrecked version of their new Razorback, offing genestealers. 
Thats your lots really guys, I am doind bits ans pieces but I may have spread myself a little thin. Will hopefully have some shiney full painted stuff ready soon, I will fnd my motivation.

Please keep checking the killteam blog, though we have a week off this weekend, and I'd appreciate any support for the webstore too for those with funds. Miss Kat von D will remain until my next article to deal with any communications.


  1. A nice insite into you're painting station.

    Post more :) lol.

    Also whats that about that kill team epsilon thing? Are they featured on that totally awesome blog i've been hearing about, where all those totally awesome people play Deathwatch?

    Those people who are in with kill team epsilon are so damn cool!..... ;)

  2. Ty I do try, thought it was a bit different.

    Do you fancy adding some of our personnal stuff to Epsillon?

  3. Rather than do another post like this...


    ...on my own blog, I thought it might be nice if we did them and e-mailed them to Flello for him to post on the 'Epsilon' blog as I have plenty of stuff to fill my own blog with ;-)

  4. @ Tom - I hope I misread that idea about my.....I mean our Razorback getting wrecked.....

  5. @ gmort- lol it'll be in an awesome way

    yeah that was what i was thinking, i mean no issue with your post or my bit of stuff but means its all together and helps those following the team as a whole.

  6. Yeah if you guys want to put out a personal profile and favoured equipment atm type thing then i'll work them into a series of post.

    Stuff like, background history, reason for joining the deathwatch, personality, favoured combat style and equipment... iv FB messaged the team.