Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Future is Unwritten

Recently there has been alot of hating on GW and certain policies and price raises. Alot of it is valid however after looking at it recently and the moves of other war games companies I can see why decisions have been made. I'm going to leave all that alone though and discuss one problem I do have with GW, I want to know whats coming out!

A couple of chats with GW employees I've discovered that the recent workshop policy of only releasing images a week in advance of a release is to encourage more brick and mortar sales over web sales. They also don't tell staff anything, and I for one am seeing fewer and fewer "black boxes" around.

All this means I, and you good people need to rely on forum speculations (unless we all band together to buy a team of ninjas) to find out anything, and forums by and large SUCK!

I've just paused and made my self a drink, and in that time have reevaluated my problem, (I'm keeping the early part as it lets you see my thoughts), while work shops policy annoys me the anger I feel is directed at blurry fail images and peoples wish listing which dilutes the real leaks we all want to see just because some troll wants to seem important. (Hi pot, I'm Kettle, you're so black)

I'll calm down, Forum like **** ** **** ***** and ******* (yeah I'm not taking flak, work them out :P, you all know though) are full of so many people claiming to have insights who are either wish listing using the last (usually broken codex) as war gaming porn for new ideas, or are repeating information so and real facts get Chinese whispered into lies.

I'd like facts (preferably from GW) but failing that real leaks not your wish listing post you've hidden with a bit of fluff from a 2nd ed book that's no longer canon (that's right Tau... but their another rant for another time!!)

I've bored you enough, now to go flame them all.

now for sticking with my tedious rant you get to meet a lovely young lady known only as


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  1. And this says nothing of the 'tease' GW thought was sufficient when it released a tiny photo of an indiscriminate and ambiguous section of a model and call that a 'leak'? (referring to the Talos picture in the newsletter a few months back)

    When Apple are set to release a new product what do they do? Have a massive fuck-off convention, invite punters and critics down and hype it to all hell. Same for cars, electronics, games, toys and 90% of other products corporations think people might be interested in. For a company the size of GW to deem hype, excitement and anticipation about a future model or product line to be detrimental shows just what a bunch of absolute monkeys run that organisation. Forums are simply filling a gap that GW are, now overtly, ignoring.

    More power to them. I'd rather have blurry, out of focus news and model shots than no model shots at all.