Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tour : Second Leg

Job interviews, drinking and life in general have caught up with a bit of late so I present to you another tour of my paint station to show how I'm budgetting my hobby time. Here goes.

Diorama of Kill Team Epsilon, coming along still needs a lot of work though

About 70% of the Salamanders 1750pts I'm putting together to sell. These will be my main focus this week and should have a few post dedicated to them.

A converted Death Jester, I gained a free one thanks to GW's finecast polisy and a commission job so i tinkered for a distraction. I like him, I call him Clive.

Brother Magron of Kill team Epsilon nearly done he needs a few hours of serious love though.

Salamanders banner for the army

So good it deserved a better shot, I didn't paint this!

Hopefully get the final Sallies list up soon and a few more done pics. If I get chance giving the Ravens a full day of work too.



  1. Woah no posts for ages then 2 within a day.

    Thats not how it works dammit!!

  2. not in a day 2 in 2 days

    tomorrow starts "Salamander week" too

    look out kiddies