Monday, 18 July 2011

Kill Team - A Review

With THQ's "Space Marine" still some way off, they have gifted us a little arcade game they call...

Having some Microsoft points lying about I decided to pick it up, mainly I'll be honest to unlock the power sword in "Space Marine". While this has nothing to do with my painting I hope you stick with my little review.

For an XBL game the graphics are pretty good, more handheld style than Xbox but still fairly crisp and load times are 5 seconds. (literally, it counts down ;p) The animations are varied and interesting for such a basic control system and each level has clearly had some love applied by the art team.

Waaaaaggghhhh!!! enough said.

oh ok, the music is your standard 40K fayre but the little shouts from the enemies and marines are similar to "Dawn of War"s and will have you shouting along. The objective narrator is a little annoying but he doesn't pipe up much.

Game Play
The controls are solid for so few buttons, the right stick as shoot and aim is a little odd but feels natural once you get used to it. The bonus powers are a little over powered for some classes as are the heavy weapons for the sternguard vetran (Plasma cannons do not fire like a heavy bolter!!).

Blood Ravens. THQ I know GW gave you a fun little chapter between you and C S Goto but they are dull!!! I wanted to play as a deathwatch marine and have my shoulder pad change (minimal effort on THQ's part but oh well). There are a few others to choose from alas no raven's but White Scars, Blood angels, Ultras, Sallieas and fists all there

For 800 MSP this game is a bargin, really fun and would be great as a pick up and play at a party. Can't wait to get online for some epic team action. If I had to score it:
Graphics: 6
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8

so call it a 7/10. Hope to see some of you online soon!.

*For those with a PS3 (sucks to be you) "Kill team" is worth the couple of months wait.

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