Sunday, 24 July 2011

Too Small and a Lack of Motivation.

Get your mind out the gutter. While whisked away by my family today (ah family fun the nice way of saying sunburn, boredom and fights) I looked at making a few 500 pt lists using both the Space Marine codex (The codex I should use) and the Blood Angels codex (The codex I do use). I came to one conclusion 500 pts is not enough!

  I did write up a few ideas though (all be it in very shaky car writing). Everything at the minute though hinges on what my partner is taking as Raven Guard using either codex are very close combat oriented, unless I go with a scout force.

An oldie but a goodie

Space Marine 500pts

Captain + Jump Pack + Relic Blade - 155

Man Scout Squad + Sniper rifles + Sgt Tellion -115

10 Man Assault Squad + Power Fist + Flamer  - 225

Total - 500

A bit of a mixed list hoping that Space Wolves can take a charge and the Ravens can counter charge, however the Blood Angels list would do that better.

Blood Angels 500pts

Librarian + Jump Pack + Epistolary - 175

10 Man Assault Squad + Power Fist + 2 x Meltagun - 235

Sanguinary Priest + Jump Pack + Lightning Claw - 85

Total - 500

The most blood angel pic ever!

Hope to get some feed back on the lists and get my partners up soon too.

The other point of this post is just a venting system for my lack of motivation to paint the last few days, I know I need to finish the Ravens and get the Sallies done to get them on the market.

I assume after a few beers, some after sun and a good nights sleep I'll be ready to get painting and hopefully
bring you all some lovely pics. Until then feedback's always good, as some people find it but others don't my email address is as apparently some people dislike leaving public comments, also I have added some minimal ads to the blog, ignore them if you want but if you like what you read please click on a couple even 2p per visitor will help me to fund commissions and the caffeine I need to paint.

Unrelated but it made me laugh.

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