Monday, 25 July 2011

Raven Guard Chapter Symbol Tutorial.

A friend of mine has started Raven Guard, we have a new Raven Guard in our Deathwatch group so I felt inclined to come back to my own. I also figured to assist the friend of mine, who I'm also doing a commission version of "Shadow Captain Shrike", I'd post my free hand method of painting the Raven Guard chapter

Ron over at FTW posted this a while ago, and I like it but I honestly (and humbly) believe mine to be closer to the offical pics of the symbol. 

So here's my attempt in 9 easy stages.

Stage 1: This is a space marine shoulder pad painted black.

Stage 2: Ok a little more complicated, 7 white dots, one two thrids up center, one either side, one about two thirds down center with one either side and finally one bottom center. (All in "Skull White")

Stage 3: Join the top 3 dots with a curved line.

Stage 4: Join the end of your new curve to the corner dots.

Stage 5a: A half mil apart draw two line down shown

Stage 5b: Repeat for the other side

Stage 6: Draw a "V" from the corner of the inner most wing sections to the lower dot

Stage 7; Draw a "V" down wards with two lines half a mil appart for the tail

Stage 8: Another "V" to make the tail a diamond, then fill in the tail and body. I also like to thicken the top win section to blend it into the body better.

 Stage 9: The head is tricky and will just take a little practifce to get the right shape. Sorry. A small triangle will look just fine though.
Hope its helpful.


  1. I prefer your guide to the FTW one to be honest.

  2. Hey, thats's pretty good. I'll be using this guide. Thanks.