Thursday, 16 June 2011


OK work on the Ravens continues, as does the Salamanders side project for Istvaan V. However I sensibly decided to sort out my hobby cupboards to make all this easier. Then the problems began.

I found several unpainted chaos models and some half finished snap fit marines I'd used as testers, so dutifully, I did a few chaos testers and smartened up the others.

Here's what happened.

First off my Black Legion attempt. Was actually really fun to do, and something I've never considered before.

Next I tried a Word Bearer as I used to have and army of them back in the day.

Lastly a Red Corsair as I thought it would be a challenge.

Then I tried my hand at the three loyalist Istvaan Legions

As usual, comments, crits and rants about my blog straying from its point are welcome (well mostly). Today's secretary is Miss Sarah Michelle Gellar (sensing a theme? 5 points if you can guess what I've been watching)


  1. this blog needs more cowbell

  2. It's not really a guess when you update us with your viewings on facebook :P Think it was included in your biwinning post ;)

  3. Apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar was so unpopular with the other cast members due to various Diva like behaviours that when they had their 'end of series' party she wasn't actually invited...

  4. @ GMort - wow, she must have been a bitch.

    Things actually relevant to the post.... I like your Black Legion and Word Bearer models, not sure about the Red Corsair, i just don't think the scheme is pleasing.

  5. lol forgot i did the FB thing. Ty Adam, I prefer the other 2 as well, might do a few more BL to go with Abbaddon.

  6. I still get points right?!?