Monday, 13 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 1

 So this week sees me free of college, work and any other commitments and only a fortnight away from doubles with little to know work done on my guard.
The plan therefore is to finish all 750 points this week to a gaming standard then next week do my objective markers and a few fancy touches.

So on today. I had all the guard built and 90% sprayed but I A.D. has recently given me some of the "Cadian Hostile Environment" torsos, so with a little conversion I changed one squad of ten (and heavy weapons base) to have the torsos. It has led to me wanting the whoel force with them but time is of the essence.

The colour scheme is pretty basic,

1) Spray "Chaos Black"
2)Base coat "Adeptus Battle Grey"
3) Wash "Badab Black"
4) Drybrush the fatigues "Codex Grey"
5) Drybrush the fatigues "Fortress Grey"
6)Paint "Ice Blue" on to the tubing, "Tallarn Flesh" on to the hands and "Merchite Red" on to the lenses.
7)High lights and touch ups as needed

More tomorrow when day two is over

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