Thursday, 16 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 3

So day 3 and we've begun batch painting, so the less sexy looking guard (ie those with no forge world parts) look a little rough around the edges but I'm hoping to havbe time next week to sort that out with a few touch ups and a little wash.

We're 30 down and some bases on the others, one of the heavy weapons teams (centre top of the pic) needs changing as it was a gift from A.D. but there are parts missing and we need a crisper one to fit in I think, though it will be kept just incase.

Today's two squads

Mondays environment suits.

So back to the grind stone, the case for the guard has been ordered today and has got me thinking, just howe much money a tourney costs... So there may be a post about that soon, probably from the venue if my tablet can get wifi.


  1. Talking about cost of torunaments...
    Considering I already had 10 of my 16 models needed for half of the Doubles Force I have spent;
    -> 1x Chaplin in Termie Armour - £5 (Second Hand)
    -> 1x Assault Terminator Squad Box - £56
    -> 2x Terminator Squad Box - £28 (Just for the Cyclone Missile Launchers Laucnhers)

    TOTALING -> £89, for 6x Models and 2x Cyclone Missile Launchers

    But considering you seem to be buying A.D.'s quota of beer, you probably win

    But 'cost:model ratio' I may be trumping you

  2. dude mine is 2 battle forces before i even start on tanks and extra heavies ... so no you don't

  3. Maybe so...
    But still...
    Four technically needing just six models
    Still a fair whack of money

  4. Hello there !

    That picture, where did you find it ?
    Intrested in finding one with better resolution. :]

  5. google image search. the orignal is much bigger. believe it was an old gw desktop back ground