Monday, 27 February 2012

Doubles: Price Tag

So before I start the battle report posts and my overview I thought I'd take a look at what doubles cost my self and A.D. So here goes:

New Army - £205 - In our gaming circle taking a new army to a tournament is just par for the course, for doubles we only need half and army as A.D. took my ravens. But Guard aren't cheap.

Ticket - £90 - Well we wouldn't have got far without one. While pricey this does include 3 meals (so call that 15 each knocked off your bugmans bill), all your bits of paper and wrist band. People talk a lot about how workshop tourneys are over priced and maybe they are but the atmosphere, the smooth running and all the other facilities at your disposal over the weekend is pretty awesome.

Train Ticket - £34 - While we got a lift home this was a single trip for us both

Hotel Room - £147 (and £50 deposit, I've still not got back) - We as a group use the holiday inn near WHW for convenience and because its been good before, (this time it was not, more on that in the full over view)

Case - £57 - This wasn't essential but I wanted to have a case that fit my heavy weapons in so thanks to KR cases, as mine was ace and fit all my bitz and pieces in too.

Total - £523 this is our basic spending before we even got to the venue, add over £200 on black library product for us and friends, beer (there was a lot), a meal on Friday (Fat Bloke burger FTW), Warhammer 25th anniversary products and finally team t-shirts and you're looking well over a grand between us.

Question would "Team Drunk and Sexy" do it again?...

Hell Yes we would!

So to conclude, grab a mate and a grand and you too can go to doubles.


  1. Who's the lady with the troll?

  2. No idea found it on google, seemed a good image for a doubles team.

  3. In answer to your question you posed Mr. Drunk;
    "Question would "Team Drunk and Sexy" do it again?..."

    The two gingers in 'Team Drunk & Sexy' - Ginger Army
    At same time thought "September doubles??" ... "Yeah, why not!!"
    So I believe we will be there again Mr. Drunk

    Plus be fun
    Think up some nasty combinations
    Add in new 6th Edition
    What can go wrong

  4. Just don't criticise the event in any way or the internet will get angry with you..... ;-)

  5. Lol how dare I.

    i have no issues with the intent and the ethos of the players, john and nck etc are sadistic mofos. :P