Friday, 17 February 2012

Guard Fest - Day 5

So today has been spent doing little touch ups here and there and making objective markers (see below), I'm finding it harder and harder to sit and paint the details, I'd love a day to spend per two or three models, but alas not to be.

On the tourney front my case arrived from KR bags and its really good, i've sorted my foam out so in the one bag i can take both sides of the army, my objective markers and still have enough room so that it's the only bag I'm taking to Doubles (hopefully a post on that subject Sunday if I get some college work done.)

Right on to objective markers, and I'll see you on the other side.

So this fist one was my first attempt, the guardsman is an old on of A,D,s so hopefully will look good with some new paint and the banner with have the Raven guard symbol on it. pretty simple but with some razro wire and snow i think it'll look pretty wicked.

This is the one I'm least happy with the idea was a guard commando wounded on the battle field again with a raven banner, to spice this one up i might add one of my signature (apparently) raven model to it

Again simple but effective I think, I'm thinking of adding a RG helmet to this one but the "spare" banners in the IG boxes are so useful

So thats guard fest week, I will be posting some more updates next week just at less regular intervals and real life kicks up again, but we're about 70% there so all is looking well.

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