Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Things You Don't Tell GMort

With Christmas looming most people in the hobby community are gearing up for new toys especially those at our FLGS as many are beginning their preparations for October GT (yes we're incredibly well prepared). Normally I resent all these people as my family had a "no 40K for Christmas" policy, this year no more!

So my list to Santa (I live with two children, he still exists in our house) consisted of a lot of ... well the army I intend to take to said ToS.

Having sat patiently for a while as the band waggon emptied and the models stayed pretty my plan for ToS is Dark Eldar. My list idea is simple, what models do I like? What can I paint up well? This goes against what we agreed as a group but I think every one in our group would agree that I'm the least competitive player in the group.  So as it stands my rough list is this;

150 - Sliscus
81 - Kabalite Warriors
70 - Raider + Flicker Field

115 - 10 Kabalite Warriors + Sybarite + Splinter Cannon + Shredder
70 - Raider + Flicker Field

235 - 10 Incubi + Klaivex
70 - Raider + Flicker Field

95 - Archon + Webway Portal
65 - Venom + Splinter Cannon

160 - 15 Wyhes + Hekatrix

160 - 15 Wyhes + Hekatrix
172 - 6 Reavers + Arena Champion + 2 x Blaster

155 - Void Raven + Flicker Field

Total - 1498

(1750 Option)

250 - 10 Harlequins + Troupe Master + Shadow Seer + 2 x Fusion Pistol

Basic idea is Sliscus boosts basic troops (and reavers I think...) then Archon jets forward (or drops) with the other transports and jumps out to throw the portal, wyches and harls jump through. Not the most competitive army but should be fun.

Not a lot to go on but I'm hoping to do a few testers over the Xmas break, mainly to break up painting guard, which is so dull after the first one.

This is my xmas aim


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