Friday, 16 December 2011

A Drunk And Sexy Cactus

So the list of "The Cactus" (I have no idea, but its on his team shirt)

Its a solid enough dual wing list that I think will work well with the sallies but we'll have to see. 

Yeah thats right google has an image for a drunk sexy cactus
Belial with eitherlightning claws or thunder hammer and storm shield = 130
Deathwing squad with apothecary, company standard, cyclone missile launcher and chainfist= 305
Deathwing squad with cyclone missile launcher and chainfist = 250
Ravenwing attacksquadron (3 fearless bikers with teleport homers) with two meltaguns; attack bike with multi-melta (also fearless and comes with a teleport homer) = 190
875 points, 15 models, 3 scoring units
Not too much to say until we start play testing over Xmas

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  1. I believe my cousins nick name is becuase he was gonna buy a cactus at uni or something - but never did - but the nickname Cactus stuck.

    So A.D. you were wrong with your totally wrong wrong wrong idea.