Thursday, 20 June 2013

House of Cards - Introduction

For years I've loved card games. Even as a child every Christmas or late evening on holiday we'd always rack out a pack of playing cards and go through all the old family games, a tradition that continues to this day, but one I was not content with.

In my early teenager years a close friend and I began to embrace nerd culture to its fullest. From D & D to high fantasy novels and miniatures games we got into it all, but most of all we played Magic: the Gathering.

I fell in love with magic for many reasons. Its look, the mechanics of playing and the ease of having a deck tucked away in a rucksack or even my pocket so gaming was always possible. Most of all though I liked deck building. Deck building is one of my favourite pasts times to this day. I love looking at the cards for a system and seeing how they synergies and which cards I need to pull the power cards I wanr, it gives me shivers just thinking about it

Magic sadly dropped in interest for me mostly because I got to playing at a high level where many player spends hundreds of pounds (dollars, etc.) on their decks so that eventually you're beaten by a wallet not a player.
This left me looking for new card games and over the years I've found more than a few. This series, which will run on both "A Murder of Ravens" and the Hobbynomicon will look at some of these card games, from LCG's, to deck building games and beyond we'll look into the world of cards.

The games will be rated on
Ease of learning
and Mechanics.

The first one of these will be up by the weekend.

I'd love some feedback on games you'd like me to feature or any you want to know more about.
Email:, or contact me through the Hobbynomicon's "House of Cards" forum thread.. .


  1. I'm only just getting into card games but I really enjoyed the 'Braggart' card game. I'll be interested to see which ones you review as I'm looking to acquire a few more.

    Is it possible you could add 'cost' to your rating types as what you get for your money can vary widely from product to product?

  2. I like the cost Idea shall include it