Thursday, 18 April 2013

Games for Kids - Dixit

Over the recent Easter holidays I became a third parent to my two sisters and spent almost every day with them, which fortunately meant a lot of time playing games.  However after two weeks of games I ran out of our staples and had to find some new game for the girls to try.
There are many games I own that are simply not suitable for children either in theme or just length of time needed to play. With this in mind I turned to the games my friends and I play as party games, and that meant one game was my first candidate; Dixit.

Dixit is unlike any game I’ve played, and is almost universally popular with every one I’ve played it with.  In Dixit players are dealt hands of cards, these cards contain ambiguous pictures that cover many fields and a visually amazing to look at, One player (the Dixer) then chooses a word, phrases, quote or noise to describe one of their cards, usually something ambiguous like “Hope” the other players then choose one of their own cards that fits the Dixer’s description and all are laid face up on the table; players then vote as to which is the Dixer’s card. The finesse in Dixit comes in choosing a quote not everyone will get (as then you get no points) but that some will (and no guesses also means no points).
The contents of Dixit

It’s a great games especially with close friends as the quotes get more obscure and difficult to guess, my only fear though, would this translate to children playing?

We set up ther game and I wnet first, I had a few cards with musical instruments and notes on so said music as my Dix. My sisters found cards that kind of fit and that round went ok. The difficultly arose on their turns when they would just describe the card in too much detail so you knew which card it was in an instant. My older sister broke this habit after a while but my younger sister never quite got the descriptive element.

They both enjoyed Dixit but seemed more frustrated by it than I had expected< i'd say a definate for older children but younger ones may get a little confused. Next time, a game by the same compnay as Dixit, Fabula.

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