Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So real life is abit busy and my hobby time has been taken up with roleplay but this week I'm painting some guard for a friend so inbetween coats on mass guard i've been painting character models that I've found in my collection.
So with no further pomp heres a little gallery.

So as a die hard Dark Angels player, I've always had a bit of an issue with Space Wolves and their background, so have steered clear. But due to needing Raven models and Njal having the best one, I own more than a few of this fella so decided to paint my first Swolf. I think it went pretty well.

Abaddon, Chaos were my first army and this guys has sat in my bitz box for years then a friend was desperate for a metal one so I traded for mine and this fine cast one was so crisp I had to see if I could finally finish him.

So I finish with two members of the fellowship, the models for these arenlt the best as they're the mines of moria single (or rwo piece) versions I think they went ok but theres only so much you can do with the models.

As a final point I just want to talk about painting equipment recently I've been using medium and a clean tile every session and nice brushes and my painting has improved just with a few changes and a little patience. Medium and good brush will make most detail suddenly more crisp and easier to paint. I urge those of you who want to paint better, to just in vest a little money and you'll see the results instantly.

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