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Malfaux On A Budget: Part 2 - 1 Box, 2 Blisters, 35SS

Greetings once more dear reader, I hope your holidays were pleasant. this time round in MOAB we're looking at a much more specific category; crews that can meet the 35SS standard game amount with just two blisters added to their gang starter box (some even have models left over). Once again I'll be looking at a crew for each faction, all the builds keep the crew in theme and try to build on the existing synergy.

We begin as promised with Dark Debts.

Dark Debts Box Set

The Box
Price - £21.50/$40
Soul Stone amount - 18
One of Wyrd's new plastic crews dark debts are led by Jacob Lynch a gambler who can never win and is plagued by a malevolent spirit; the hungering darkness. This back ground shapes dark debts in to a luck heavy gang, but as with all good card players Lynch makes his own luck. they also have a mechanic called brilliance which allows the crew to give a target the brilliance characteristic then steal wounds, attack better or even force an opponent to lose or waste actions. The box is a little soulstone light but is certainly hard hitting and with the right suits even better.

While hard hitting Dark Debts lacks a power house, that most theme gangs have at their core, a damage sponge that can dish out a lot of pain. However there is a very easy solution

Mr. Graves

Price - £6.75/$11
Soul Stone amount - 7

Mr Graves is a perfect addition to DD, both power house and manipulator he gets your opponents where you want them or gets rid of them.
Following this idea the second blister is;

The beckoners excel at moving opponents models, shutting them down and if need be adding more brilliance to opponents
This takes the crew to 35SS, it won't be the easiest crew to use but with some practise it will be able to give almost any crew a run for its money/ .

Price - £10/$16
Soul Stone amount - 5 each

Total cost - £38.25/ $67

Our Arcanist choice is "The Cult of December"

CULT OF DECEMBER - Rasputina Box Set

The Box
Price - £19/$31.50
Soul Stone amount - 21
Rasputina's crew has few models, is slow and has low defence; does this make it bad? No! Rasputina's strength lies in a few specific abilities. All models in the box can boost the damage of others within 6" meaning if Rasputina activates last she get +4 on all her spells of which she can cast 4 a turn. "Ice mirror" allows Rasputina to cast spells through models keeping her safe behind a wall of ice pillars while her grunts do the work. Finally when said grunts die they give off a radius of damage that Rasputina's armour makes her immune to.

Blessed of December
Price - £11/$18
Soul Stone amount -8
 Silent One
Price - £5.45/$9.50
Soul Stone amount - 6

These two models fix two small flaws in Rasputina's crew, The silent one is a vessel for "Ice Mirror" but unlike the golem and the gaimin is only at a -1 penalty to cast Rasputina's spells. The blessed gives some much needed speed to the crew in addition to being utterly survivable as is eats its victims, used well to stalk a troublesome minion or close in for a pincer with the larger section of the crew and it will be worth double the souldstones.

Total cost - £35.45/ $59

Next- "The Body Thieves"

BODY THIEVES - McMourning Box Set

The Box
Price - £22/$36.50
Soul Stone amount - 23
McMourning is a master most at home in the thick of combat, he, Sebastian and the flesh construct all excel in combat with the nurses for support for when things get a little hairy. With the ability to summon the flesh construct back it makes a perfect buffer for your two characters. The spell to summon more undead is a high cost one however so McMourning will need to hold on to all the high crows you draw.

McMourning is another gang light on models, or more specifically light on other combat models as such I suggest adding...

Samurai-Punk Zombies (3 Pack)

Price - £9/$15
Soul Stone amount - 5 each

 Canine Remains 1 (2 pack)
Price - £9/$14
Soul Stone amount - 2 each

These two packs serve many purposes. first punk zombies are the best combat unit for the lowest cost in Malifaux, secondly canine remains can fetch corpse counters for McMourning. Also it leaves you with 7SS over our 35SS limit meaning you can leave out the flesh construct and summon it to the table, which is possible turn one with the correct card.

Total cost - £40/ $55.50

Perdita Ortega
The guild choice is - "The Gunslingers"

The Box
Price - £23/$40
Soul Stone amount - 25

The Ortega family box set is something of a rarity, like the Viktoia's box all the models within it are unique characters, because of this and in a break from how these have been arranged previously I will give a brief overview of each member. It is also worth mentioning that all family members have companion family so the box can move and fire as one perfect for late game strategies or picking off one powerful model.

Perdita Ortega - The fastest draw in Malifaux, with high defence, high combat in both melee and range Perdita really is an all round her, combine that with the ability to shoot in an opponents turn, Mulligan her hand and add three pluses to her shots you are looking at one tough mexiCAN.

Francisco Ortega - The only combat bases Ortega Francisco lacks the high defence of much of his family but can reposition opponents to where the others need them to be.

Nino Ortega - One of the finest snipers in Malifaux Nino can kill in a single shot or rapid fire seemingly endlessly, with a range bonus of up to 9 not many opponents will stand in his line of sight twice.

Papa "Loco" Ortega - The patriarch of the family has become somewhat unhinged in his later years so now has become something of a suicide bomber. Loco deals out massive damage but at a cost of his own wounds and ultimately his life.

Santiago Ortega - This guy is tough, really tough. As he takes wounds he actually gets better, making him a perfect partner for Loco. With the ability to heal and a area affect shot Santiago always takes some one with him, just like his dad.


Abuela Ortega
Price - £5.45/$9.50
Soul Stone amount - 7
The first expansion for the Ortegas is a no brainer really Abuela Ortega is the centre point for the army, helping to bind the elements of the crew. Her matriarch rule especially as when Abuela is hit any family member within 12" can walk toward the threat. Also like Francisco she allows the Ortega player to move opponents models

Latigo Pistoleros
Price - £11/$18
Soul Stone amount - 3 each
The second blister is a little stranger. While Latigo pisteleros are family members they can't companion with others. They are how ever cheap, with better than average ranged weapons and can give a defence boost to any family member, so are great for keeping Francisco alive. Also you have two spare for a 35SS list meaning you can go up to 40 or even 45 with little issue.

Total cost - £39.45/ $67.50

Rami LaCroix

Our final crew is something a little ... special - "Born On The Bayou"

BORN ON THE BAYOU - Ophelia Box Set

The Box
Price - £22.75/$35
Soul Stone amount - 22

You may spot some similarities between the Ortega Family and Ophelia LaCroix's kin, that's because the gremlins saw how the humans handled business and decided to follow suit. As such we have another box filled with characters that all perform the same as their human counter part (all be is not quite as well). Add to this combat effectiveness a little humour (when a gremlin misses with a shot it may hit a friend) and some wonderful light hearted touches (such as Ophelia's "Look a girl rule") and you can see how fun yet effective the LaCroix family is.
To Save time and space I'll just tell you which kin matches to which family member
Ophelia - Perdita
Francois - Francisco
Pere Ravage - Papa Loco
Rami - Nino
Raphael - Santiago


Young Lacroix (3 pack)
Cheap, high defence, decent shots, the young LaCroix are a great choice for a Ophelia crew plus they can cast Ophelia's spells and companion with kin. Just make sure they don't miss....

 Price - £11/$18
Soul Stone amount - 2 each

While not a gremlin himself McTavish will work for them. Him and his gator can be a real buff for the green skins. He is able to give models stealth and is a pretty decent shot but his best buff is a spell that can be offensive and move enemy height 1 models or be used to take extra actions for your own gremlins.

Price - £11/$18
Soul Stone amount - 6

Total cost - £44/ $71

So that's it for our second Malifaux on a budget. Next week on the blog we'll have some board game reviews and hopefully another MOAB if I get the time.

Hope you guys enjoy, comments and crits always welcome either here or to

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